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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing we mailed your new card for your form i-360 petition for amerasian widow(er) or special immigrant

Instructions and Help about we mailed your new card for your form i-360 petition for amerasian widow(er) or special immigrant

Everybody good afternoon or a good morning to those of you on the west coast and welcome to our webinar on hot topic in you and follow cases my name is Amy Chung I am a senior legal counsel at assistant and I'm joined today by my wonderful colleague Laura Flores Bachmann also senior legal counsel at a system I have for those of you and for those of you who've been attending our private webinars Laura is a familiar voice to you by now but for anybody who hasn't this is Laura's first webinar for the OVW and stop grantees and so welcome Laura we're so glad to have you with us today and today's webinar along with all of our OVW sponsored work is supported by the office on violence against women through the US Department of Justice and we are extremely appreciative to OVW for their support for assistance work and for sponsoring this webinar today and just as a note for everybody there are a number of documents that we've made available in the file section on the bottom right-hand side of your screen these are documents that we'll be referring to here and there during today's webinar that we see could be helpful for further reading after after we finish up today these documents are not obw documents they are just made available in case they're there helpful for you for further reading also today's webinar has been approved for two hours of substantive credit through the Texas State Bar and so for those of you who are barred in Texas and would like CLE credits for attending today's webinar if you already entered your bar number in the registration form for today then we will submit that information to the Texas bar automatically so there shouldn't be anything else that you need to do for that if you notice that in a couple of weeks the credits are not showing up in your account shoot us an email and we'll see what's going on if you are barred in Texas but you didn't submit your bar number in the registration form or if you're barred in another state and you need a certificate of attendance to submit to the bar authorities on your own then we would ask you to email at us I'm going to put the email addresses into the chat bus right now and you would need to email us with your bar number and the state in which you are licensed and then we will send you the certificates of attendance so that you can request those credits and with that preliminary stuff out of the way we can get started all right so for today we're going to be covering some of the topics that keep coming up in ta and whenever we're talking to practitioners about what's going on in the field with USCIS these days and so some of the topics are continuations of conversations that.


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