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I-360 approved Form: What You Should Know

An alien who files Form I-360 as a self-petitioner (AWA) is eligible for the same benefits as an AWA alien, including the same employment authorization and work authorization provisions, whether the alien intends to begin his or her U.S. residence in the United States or not. The filing fee required for Form I-360 self-petitioner is 565. There is no form I-360, AWA Self Petition or Form I-360 self-petitioner fee for a self-petitioning spouse. You cannot file I-360, Petition for Immigrant Status as a Special Immigrant or Self-petitioner (AWA) if you have been a lawful permanent resident in the United States or a noncitizen lawful permanent resident who has acquired U.S. temporary legal status. You may not apply for the I-360 petition. Do not apply unless the application is made to USCIS or your spouse. What the I-360 Petition Will You can get an I-360 Green Card for your spouse. You can also get an I-360 Green Card for yourself based on your own qualifying claim. AWA and Special Applicant status are no more than the same, temporary status that foreign citizens have gained through green card status obtained through marriage. If you are a citizen of Afghanistan and your spouse is a U.S. citizen, and you married as a result of the U.S. military service in Afghanistan (you became separated in country), you qualify for temporary I-360 petitioner and work authorization. The petition can be filed electronically. You can get an I-360 petition for your spouse if one of the following applies: • You are a noncitizen spouse of a U.S. citizen resident or an eligible relative (whether on Form I-571 or I-485). • Your spouse is an I-360 self-petitioning spouse. How to file With USCIS • Fill out the form on this webpage (form I-360-A) • Provide supporting, sworn (written) testimony on the I-360 form • Provide affidavit (written). Form I-360-A, Petition for Alien Relative Abroad The petition is approved if the testimony is complete. An approval of an I-360 petition does not automatically confer citizenship.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-360 approved

Instructions and Help about I-360 approved

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