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Instructions and Help about New card is being produced i-360

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'm gonna be talking about my green card interview experience in the USA is I guess a US yeah yes kinda thing on that I need to survive I and I live in Florida and then my interview was in Montgomery which is more of two to three hours travel time so my interview was 11:30 in the morning in the UCAS so maybe I will be talking about few things maybe a little bit secrets requirements and also my experience about it so yes without further ado let's start my interview was 11:30 and then nobody's community to Simon up around 6:00 in the morning and then hot I think I'm a maybe around 8:30 8:30 in the morning yes so two hours early Khmer so hindi Khmer Pumas outside yes yes some 8:30 I mean a segue to Montana last forward my sofa miss ause is maybe around 11:00 so Mustapha miss a USGS building and then there was this a security check just use well as among security chickens and Madam waiting area and metal I think five around five no window there's only one available window and I also like check in Naha May and then there's this officer miniature on yeah for sure he just said that we could just wait and then someone will call us for our interview around 11:40 melanoma on salmon so my social media is on room and then you officer Naaman is a girl she's really nice and after that but on penis wearing aha me now whatever you say whatever we say is true and nothing but the truth and all that and then we just said yes yes then you know I'm open aha me and the Meadowview neohuman on paper score from what i processed from my lioba's papers and the Chanakya and also can you are young I know you miss lemon so I gave her my EAP young employment authorization ID and then my husband has military ID in an only on Pine Island Cogan oh she asked my passport and then opinon omnium birth of Tico parinama assured talaga Mangano so I said my birth date even on you if we have other peoples to include to our papers like joint account tippers or mortgage everything that we have with my husband everything that we have that we own or something like that really Geico Suhani on joint Haldimand so after it Tina no Mia Hamm accompany Kayla ganya and para and alone apparently kappa metallica company Geico Sahana so I own Parameshwara telecom Pocono and Ghanian and then Tina Nagahama concern commissioner selig a non-union after that conversation Tanisha semana security checking new connect drugs before met Anita O'Banion yo I know young parem everything Nana a USB personal finding out more last time done Dyneema if you have crime records and all that stuff and I just said no.


Can Ernest W. Adams write a comprehensive biography of his life?
There will undoubtedly come a time when I write my autobiography (several people in my family have done so), but my career probably has another 15 years to run, so it would be premature to do it now.The capsule version is that I was born in the early 1960s (date and location withheld for security reasons), and lived with my parents in Nubia, northern Sudan, and then Khartoum until I was school age. The family moved to Kentucky, where I lived until I went away to college. During this time we made several return visits to Sudan and Egypt to work on archaeological sites, and also took advantage of being in the eastern hemisphere to visit East Africa and Europe. I taught myself to program in FORTRAN on punch cards on an IBM 360 mainframe.I went to Stanford University and graduated six years later with a bachelor's degree in philosophy, having taken time out to work in Silicon Valley as a programmer, and also to return to dig in Egypt one more time with my wife and my parents. Following my graduation I went to work full-time in the electronics industry. In 1988 my wife and I spent six months in Belgium working for a branch office of the Silicon Valley company we both worked for. The following year I went to work for a small game company in California, and then left to work at Electronic Arts three years later.My work at EA was chiefly on the Madden NFL product line, though I also assisted on other games as well. During that time I was a programmer, lead designer, audio/video producer, writer, and technical producer. I also became one of the partners in the Game Developers' Conference, and founded the International Game Developers' Association to help fight censorship of video games. I began writing a column on game design for the Gamasutra developers' website called “The Designer's Notebook.” It ran for about 15 years. Among the most popular columns was an annual series called “Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!”After seven years I transferred to Bullfrog Productions, a studio in the UK that EA had recently bought. My job there was to be lead designer on a new god game. However, EA shut down Bullfrog after only a year. I was out of a job but not yet ready to return to the USA. I became a freelance consultant as part of the International Hobo game design consortium.To fill time between gigs, I wrote an introductory textbook on game design with Andrew Rollings called Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design. This proved to be popular, so I carried on without Andrew, writing Fundamentals of Game Design, which is now in its third edition. I also wrote Break Into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games, and Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design with Joris Dormans, a Dutch colleague.I gave talks at the Game Developers' Conference for 21 years in a row, and began to find that I was in demand as a public speaker and teacher. I created a series of game design workshops on a variety of topics that people hire me to come and give at their companies, universities, and schools.Eventually I began teaching regularly at Uppsala University's Gotland campus in Visby, Sweden. I'm now half-time there, and I divide the rest of my time between consulting, writing, giving workshops, giving keynote addresses at conferences, doing visiting professor work at other institutions, and answering questions on Quora.
How do I fill out info to activate a Safeway club card?
At my Safeway in Spokane Wa. on Francis and Monroe. Just head up to customer service and ask for a club card if you would like to fill out a piece of paper with your info. And your card will be activated on your first purchase when scanned at the register. If you just want a card head to any register and your checker will go over to customer service and get you one. When you come to my register i’ll gladly grab you a club card if you would like one but i recommenced that you don’t fill out the in store paper but instead go to Safeway - Official Site or my preferred method is to call 1–877-SAFEWAY. The paper method can take up to 8 weeks or more before your info is up dated and you can use your phone number at the register instead of using your club card. If you forget the info is on your receipt or ask an Safeway employee for help.
What is the most innovative software you've ever written, and why?
I believe I have written quite a few innovative software systems including the first fully interactive WYSIWYG mainframe spreadsheet (1974) & the first full screen test debugging system - featuring Pause (breakpoint) and single step (program animation), conditional pause, memory protection Etc. (1972) - similar to Visual Studio features today.But, my very first general purpose software utility program that was out of the box, was a very simple SORT & PUNCH program.The year was 1968. In those days, programs for the IBM 360/30 were hand written on coding forms and punched onto 80 column cards by “pools” of card punching persons (like the typing pools of yesteryear).The programs would sometimes be quite large and monolithic, containing up to 2,000 cards - for just one program.One such program was a Payroll system that was used to calculate and pay thousands of public utility employees. The cards were stored in gray metal trays - with a capacity of around 2,000 cards each. One of the very senior “system programmers” (Martin?) dropped his tray of 2,000 cards and asked me, a junior programmer with only a few weeks experience, to sort the jumbled up cards for him (most programmers are lazy !).[You can see similar metal trays on this youtube video about the IBM 1401 (1:46 minutes in)]Fortunately, the cards had sequence numbers punched in columns 73–80.So, instead of doing what he asked, I wrote a simple assembly program to read in the jumbled up cards, perform an “in memory” (and in situ) bubble sort and then punch out a brand new deck of 2,000 cards from that same memory. This took me no more than an hour at most. The image below is for the bubble sort module alone (called by the main program that reads/punches the cards). It is not the original code , but illustrates the relative ease of writing the sort - even in Assembler language. I have omitted all niceties (so it fits on one form), including saving & restoring registers etc. and inserted two bugs for the sake of interest - can you spot them? (Edit: Nearly a year later and 9,800+ views and only one - incorrect! - response so far in the comments section?)This bubble sort code, when assembled, is about 60 bytes long (Yes bytes, not kilobytes or Mb. The entire program, Main & this module probably less than 1,000 bytes in total).The cards were then passed through the IBM 029 card reader/punch machine in “interpret” mode - to literally print the card contents onto the pre- punched cards.(Here is a link to a Youtube video showing an actual restored IBM 029 card punch with a stored card “program” able to skip to particular columns for name/ DOB etc).This took probably two hours - since each card has to cycle through the machine mechanically. The hopper only held about 300 cards so had to be re- filled several times.The senior programmer was amazed that I was able to accomplish the tedious task he had given me so quickly and 100% accurately. He was also delighted that his 2,000 formerly “dog eared” cards were now pristine. This would have the added advantage that the new cards would cause less “card jamming” or read errors, each time they were read in for Assembly.That was how I got started in software writing - by literally “thinking out of the box” and in my firm belief that “if you have a dog, don’t bark yourself”.Of course I was pleased with myself but also unhappy that I had to use what was a natural resource made from cutting down trees.In this same era, the usual method of finding out the contents of variables at certain points in a running program was to force a “core dump” (memory dump in hexadecimal) by “patching” an invalid instruction at a particular offset in the program (or inserting a “dump” macro statement in the source and reassembling). This would produce a few inches (deep) of printout that would use up even more trees.I was determined to find a better way, which, of course, led to my interactive debugging product ( “OLIVER”) where a “pause” could be set at any point in a program (without recompile/ reassembly) and any desired register (or variable in memory) could be displayed on a “tube” (IBM 2260 terminal, later an IBM/3270). OLIVER also allowed memory alteration and retry or resume, enabling many bugs to be fixed with just one Assembly or compile, resulting in huge efficiencies and improvements in quality. Because less assemblies and compilations were required, even less Assembly listings were printed, resulting in even less trees being felled![Recollections of “One a day compiles” from a website: Slashdot]There was also far less wear on the IBM 1403 printers of course!By far the best thing (apart from saving the Amazon rain forest, naturally!) was the ability to step through your programs one instruction (or statement) at a time, checking control flow and variables on-the-fly. This was a real game changer in the early 1970’s. Now, some 30+ years later, we finally have Visual Studio to perform similar magic on the .NET platform with Windows for Personal computers.RELEVANT LINKS[LINK to Wikipedia article about program animation Program animation - Wikipedia]You won’t find anything about OLIVER (by name) on any Wikipedia articles, because all references have been deleted by Wikipedia editors. The reason they stated was “Original research/ lack of citations”. This was a commercial product that was used by more than 600 blue chip companies in Europe and elsewhere - but there were no academic publications, only marketing brochures and the product itself.[LINK to a copy of a 1978 brochure made by IAL/Gemini who were selling it for me at the time.[OLIVER marketing brochure circa 1978]I created a similar product “SIMON” - specifically for batch programs and all references to that product have also been deleted on Wikipedia.[SIMON marketing brochure from early 1980's][OLIVER & SIMON test/debugging tools reference card Reference card c. 1994 uploaded 2016].This is a screen shot from 1989, showing a DOS/VSE COBOL program "OLIVDEMO", currently "paused" at statement 139, executing with the CICS online transaction processing System and displayed on an IBM 3270 colour terminal. Pressing the “PA1” key would execute the current statement and pause at the next statement. Note that all variables associated with the statement are automatically displayed on-the-fly.Image of IBM 029 card punch/ reader :-Link to archived IBM card storage - 2,000 cards per box:- File:IBM card storage.NARA.jpg - WikipediaImage of IBM 360/30 computerFINALLY. - A few thoughts from 2022. many of which are just as true today as they were 15 years ago.THE FAILURE OF THE DIGITAL COMPUTER
Whether i should apply green card or switch company?
What do you want?Do you want $50k (the only guarantee in fixed salary now, all others are at “company’s discretion” and are not guaranteed) and wait for a year in hopes of the new company filing for green card - or do you want the filing to be done now by your current company?If you want money, then switch. If you want the filing, then don’t switch.
Can I fill out an ITR if I have an Aadhaar card that is not linked to a PAN card?
Read the full details at my article below :https://taxyogiblog.wordpress.co...
If my name is P Basavaraj, how can I fill out the PAN card application?
What television shows, books, or movies will help me fill the void I feel after running out of new episodes of House of Cards to watch?
Definitely Suits. You can find the first two seasons on Netflix already (with the third season underway). If you like Frank Underwood's arrogance and self-confidence, you'll love Harvey Specter :).The British version of House of Cards is an excellent watch too, by the way.Breaking Bad is a must-watch, too, even if it isn't in the same genre as House of Cards. Dexter is another awesome series.Finally, White Collar is a good watch as well if you're into House of Cards and Suits.
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