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Vawa approval timeline 2024 Form: What You Should Know

How long do we have to wait to go through the I-485 process? Aug 28, 2024 — Once your application has been approved, it must undergo review by an immigration court representative. If you  Read an earlier article on our site dealing with petitioners who need to go through immigration courts. Sep 2, 2024 — It could take up to two years for the case to be decided, depending on  whether the applicant was denied or not. However, it should be noted that it may take months or years to  decide a case before an applicant can obtain a green card. Sep 8, 2024 — USCIS will notify applicants who have a petition pending that the petition is pending. You can  Read an earlier article on our site dealing with petitions that have been pending for a year or more. Sep 16, 2024 — You may have to continue to wait a long time to obtain a green card. You should check  USCIS website information on petition processing times to get an average time. You can also check if your  AWA Processing Time I-485 and Green Card Application — How it Works — Stilt Sep 22, 2024 — The petition or extension must be approved by an immigration court representative (i.e., a government lawyer).  Read an earlier article  on our site dealing with petitions that were pending for at least two months. Sep 30, 2024 — USCIS will notify your local USCIS office if the petition was denied. It is also your  AWA self-petition's turn to submit Form I-485 to USCIS in accordance with this article for a decision, and your  I-485 and Green Card Application. (See our article about how this process works.) Dec 7, 2024 — If your petition is approved, you can apply for work authorization while waiting for the decision. If your  AWA Processing Time I Spar & Bernstein Dec 14, 2024 — Your I-485 application will be sent to you via mail. You will have to go to an immigration court representative  and explain your reasons for using this form to apply for Green Card. If your petition was rejected or  If you got a no response, just send another I-485 for a decision within 7 months. Or if you have a  Suspension of Removal, this is possible.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Vawa approval timeline 2024

Instructions and Help about Vawa approval timeline 2024

I overstayed my Moroccan visa, so my total US citizen okay filed my paperwork. But I'm because I think sufficient evidence it was denied. Okay, well what was the insufficient evidence? The actual additional stuff like sponsor and some other stuff. And all right, so basically you're still with your husband? No, okay, so what happened is my war and divorce at the same time. That's 500 garlic food great as long as well was approved the Sears well. The only thing I sent with the Wawa was um well the I treat six there was uh alright. So, you should use file an i-485 now, you'll get your work permit and your green card. Oh, so there's nothing for me to worry about? Nothing for you to worry about, father I 45, the i-765 you're ugly, okay. I'm not a question, um, the more 85 was I'm transferring to another office about something to be concerned about. No, because they just transfer files around based on work, so you haven't I 45 pending? Okay, and your I 45 is pending like spending? Okay fine, so you're off, you're all good guys. I don't know, he says will transfer to another office, so it's still pending. Then it's good, okay. And I didn't send in any medical, is that gonna be a problem? You'll bring the medical to the interview. What I think you need to do Susan is just let's have you don't want to hire me that's fine. But let's have a consultation, let me look over all the paperwork you're talking about. So that way I know that you're on the right track. Sounds like it, but let's be a hundred percent certain Music.