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If I have to fill out Form WH-4852, should I also send in my original W-2 and file it?
The purpose of Form 4852 is to substitute for the original W-2 if for some reason you didn't receive one and couldn't get one from an employer. If you have the original W-2, you don't file Form 4852.
Should I file I-485 and EAD (I-765) concurrently if I want to change the employer as soon as I can?
I-485 can take up to 180 days until I can change the employer. If I file I-765 at the same time will it be a better chance of being able to change the employer sooner?No.You are misunderstanding it. You can work for someone else on EAD, but if you leave your current job, your employer can withdraw the I-140 petition, and then your I-140, I-485, and EAD that is based on it, are all gone.You need to wait until I-485 has been pending for 180 days before an employer withdrawing the I-140 petition would not kill the I-140 petition. You would of course still need an EAD to work for another employer since they have not sponsored you for H1b or another work status.Are there any cons in applying for I-765?No.Is it an additional cost?No. I-765 for EAD and I-131 for Advance Parole are free for I-485 applicants.
Can I file my EB-1C I-140 and I-485 concurrently, even if I am not in the US?
No, you can’t file the I-485 when you’re not in the US (whether concurrently with the I-140 or otherwise). You can file the I-485 after you have been lawfully admitted to the US (most likely in L-1A status).
If you file an I-140, H4 EAD and I-485 concurrently, does the I-140 need to be approved before the H4-EAD card is issued?
No. My wife got her EAD before my I-140 was approved.
I am on L1A visa. Filed I140 and I485 (AOS) concurrently. I140 got approved 2.5 months ago. 485 is still pending. Can I change employer?
An I140 is entirely contingent upon the employee remaining in the same job. If the job changes a new I140 is required.  I485 is adjustment of status procedure which allows an eligible applicant to become a lawful permanent resident of united states without having to go abroad and apply for an immigrant visa.
I am on my H1B visa now and my I-140 & I-485 are ready to send out concurrently. When can I switch the job without losing legal status?
This is a complex question that should be directed to an immigration attorney.You can switch jobs at any time if you can find a new employer to file an H-1B on your behalf. Of course, your current employer will most likely withdraw the I-140 and your I-485 will be denied.AC21 portability and protections don’t kick in until your I-485 has been pending for 180 days. However, you are not fully protected from losing the benefit of the I-485 unless your I-140 is approved.
As an Indian passport holder, can I concurrently file I-140 & I-485 now under EB-1, as I learnt that the retrogression for India EB-1 is only for action and not for filing?
According to this page of USCISConcurrent Filing of Form I-485concurrent filing of I-485 and I-140 was always and still is a possibility.