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Why aren't we sending refugees to China where there are ghost cities to fill?
Many people mentioned reasons such as relating to ghosts cities or relating to politics, but I will take a slightly different approach.One reason is legal. China is not an immigrating bearing nation and it is one of the few nations that has a decreasing population. Although a non-Chinese national can get a so-called Chinese Green Card, it does not hold the same benefits as Green Cards for other nations. Relating to this very few people successfully claimed asylum in China.Another reason is for work. Foreigners are supposed to be fulfilling jobs that local people are unqualified, and this is true for any country with a slant toward employing their people, therefore, unemployment of Chinese could be on the rise.Resources would be even further strained. Food prices are always on the rise already and China is taking various measures to ensure food supply for it’s people. That is hard enough with a population of 1.4 billion!Long and the short, why does China need to take refugees? They don’t!
Where can you get help filling out USCIS Form 1-90?
Firstly it probably helps to realize that the form is called I-90 (as in capital i).Then one could read the instructions for the form on the relevant USCIS webpage Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card and google a bit to find some sites & forums that offer additional help in filling out the form Google  If it's a very unique/complicated case it might be necessary to employ the services of an immigration lawyer Google
What kind of paperwork do you have to fill out if you want to send a satellite into space?
Write a letter to the FAA, if you are launching the satellite in your backyard that is. And you cant just use paperwork to get a satellite in space, dammit! Think about how MANY PEOPLE will think that its a spy satellite. Yea, you will have to deal with publicity. It is almost CERTAIN that SOMEONE from SOME space agency is going to notice. Its not like you can write an email to NASA saying "Sorry bout that, it was me". Who is going to believe you? So yea, a shit ton of paperwork if you are going to launch it on your own, not so much if you can convince a space agency to launch your CubeSat into space.
If we can send a huge balloon filled with oxygen out to space, where would the oxygen go?
Note that if you just fill a balloon with oxygen and launch it, it's not going to float, let alone get to space. Pure oxygen is slightly heavier than air, so there's no buoyancy, and even if there were, it peters out as you ascend, as the atmosphere gets less dense.Also, it's going to be rather tricky to get a balloon to space by any other means, because rockets like to go through the atmosphere quickly and balloons don't. If you want a balloon full of oxygen in space, you'd do better to send water, electrolyze it to hydrand oxygen with solar energy, and put the oxygen into a balloon envelope.That said, when you do pop the balloon, the oxygen is going to disperse, quite quickly, as each molecule takes off unimpeded at whatever thermal velocity it last had, of order 1000 m/s at room temperature.However 1 km/s is trivial compared to the Escape velocity for large objects like the earth, sun and galaxy (11 km/s, 30 km/s, 500 km/s), so if the balloon was near any of those things, the molecules are not going to escape very far but will fall down onto the object or go into orbit. If they're near the sun, they may get swept out a fair distance by the Solar wind, but I don't know what the timescale for that would be. If an oxygen molecule ends up in a cold bit of the Interstellar medium it will probably eventually find a hydrmolecule and form water, but if it ends up in one of the warmer patches it will eventually be disrupted to oxygen atoms. The timescales will be very long because space is so incredibly empty and makes the best lab vacuum system look crowded.
How do I find out if a soldier is real? Where can I find the US Army records?
I have some remote knowledge about how fake soldiers (in general) operate.Basic KnowledgeThey should know basic concepts of being in the military, like what their identification cards and basic paperwork are called. They should also know what unit they’re in, what their MOS is officially called, and where they got their training.Try asking them “half-truths” and see how they respond. “Did you go to Fort Benning, California?”If they are a liar: They’ll just say yes (even after you affirm “Fort Benning in CALIFORNIA?”), or errs to the half-truth in its entirety.If they are not a liar: They’ll say no, or indicate where they come from, and optionally say “But isn’t Fort Benning in Georgia?”It’s been 10 years and I can still recite my Thai ROTC number.Dress and DemeanorUnlike Thai soldiers, quite a lot of US Soldiers do not wear uniforms off-base (or at least won’t wander too far out in uniform), and US Marines are not supposed to do so at all.While dressed, military members regardless of nation or branch are required to maintain their “military look.” That means no slouching or being “wrong” in their uniforms.Also, they don’t dress up all the time. While commissioned officers are authorized to wear uniforms as they see fit, those with dignity and integrity do so only when required by duty or when socially appropriate.There will also be fake soldiers who don’t know their medals, and wear either medals that are too old for them, too many medals that cannot be earned during the so small years of their fake careers, or medal choices that conflict, like fake marines wearing the Army rainbow. If you know just a bit which medals belong to which branch, and their rough order, you will know quickly if someone is properly dressed.Note that it’s legal (in the US) for someone to wear a coat or jacket of a Soldier, as long as he’s not claiming to be one.BraggartsIf their story is too glorious to be true, it probably is. 90% soldiers do not see combat, let alone those “Medal of Honor” or “Call of Duty” level of action.A lot of military work involves sitting on the dirt or something meaningless and waiting for something equally meaningless to happen.And if someone can call military food delicious, they’re either really lucky, don’t have a tongue, fake, already lost all purpose in life and finds anything enjoyable, or just had • a worse school food (like me). But at least they should be able to explain how • “dining” is like in the Army. It’s one of the things they do routinely but of course fakers don’t understand.But be warned: you need to be able to discriminate between “too much action it’s fake” and “too damn weird this cannot be faked or imagined by a human who hasn’t actually experienced it” stories.As far as I know, both US and Thai Marines have stories that are either 0 or 100: totally boring or totally unbelievable.Discounts and BenefitsAs far as I understand, military members verify themselves for military discounts by their cards, not uniform. It’s a red flag if someone tries to use only their uniform to get a discount or other benefits from you.Also, real US Soldiers are paid well and have allowances to cover life necessities. If they are wandering around asking for money, they’re either fake or fucked up their lives. Both cases do not warrant help from you.E-MailUS military members have .mil email addresses. Ask them to mail you from their military accounts.Also check e-mail headers (use “show original” or “show source” or “see full header” functions in your email apps) to see that the emails actually originate from a US military source. E-mail addresses can be faked. Most of the time, this kind of fakery is detected by Gmail and other e-mail systems, but better safe than sorry.RecordsUnless you have a reason to verify someone’s records, the US authorities probably won’t give them up.However, if you are a next of kin (your grandfather served in WWII and you need his papers for something), or you are HR looking to verify an applicant, you might be able to request information. I don’t know much about how America works in this case.
How do I need to fill for USCIS for my children?
We need more information to answer your question. What type of visa are you applying for? K-1 fiancé visa, so your children will be a K-2. Spouse visa, so your children will be an IR-2 or CR-2? The answer is different for different types of visas.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I write free information and articles on the US fiancé and spouse visa processes on my website and blog. See my website and blog in my biopage.
How does NASA figure out where to send rovers when sending them to outer space?
Usually, the following methods are used► Observation from EarthTelescopic observation of the planets from an observatory on Earth is very common. There are numerous planetary scientists working all over the world who continuously observe the planets. They publish their findings in reputed journals which first attracts interest. Moreover, a vast bunch of planetary scientists work with NASA.When a particular topic gathers enough interest, NASA issues a call for specific scientific experiments that can be carried out to uncover new scientific phenomena. Rover missions usually pertain to planetary surface characterisation.Many scientists compete and write proposals, which then go through intense scrutiny. The experiment proposals also indicate the exact location at which they have to be performed. A few proposals are selected based on scientific relevance and the indicated location is subsequently chosen.Note: Scientific relevance is not the only deciding factor. Budget, lobbying etc. play a big role.► Observation from SpaceSome of the bodies of interest, like Mars, Moon, Comets etc., have either their own orbiters or a distance observer spacecraft. These satellites continuously return data to the NASA science team. The type of data might vary significantly.Again, depending upon the nature of the data (if it is extraordinary or paradigm shifting), NASA could decide whether it wants to send a lander/rover mission.► Space policyThe US Congress allocates the budget for NASA. The budget allocation depends upon the space policy of the government of the United States. If the Moon is the focus for the upcoming decade, rover missions to Mars won’t go through even if there is a higher scientific relevance. That’s how politics works.
How can I create an online certificate for membership? I want to send a link for members to just fill out and download.
ClassMarker will enable you to do exactly what you are wanting to achieve.With ClassMarker, you can create fully customized certificates.Options include:Portrait & Landscape CertificatesA4 & Letter sizesMultiple Font styles and sizesDrag and Drop Text and ImagesAdd extra Text fields and ImagesSelect different date display formatsAbility to create wallet sized certificatesYou can also now have Unique IDs, Serial Numbers, Course numbers and more included on your ClassMarker Certificates.If you choose for users to add their names, you can select for these to be automatically added to their certificates.Creating customized certificatesTo do as you have mentioned, you could create questionnaires/forms that you are wanting users to fill out (this can be done with a variety of different question types). You can ask for information such as name and/or email and additional ‘extra information• questions that you can choose to make mandatory. If you like, you can choose to include these on the certificates as well.You will also be able to choose what your users see when they have finished completing their questionnaire. You can choose to not show any questions and answers but instead some customized feedback to thank your users for taking the time to fill out your questionnaire and any additional details you require, along with redirecting them elsewhere.Users will then click on the ‘certificate download• button on their results page on-screen and/or have the results emailed to them which will also include the certificate download link so that they can download their certificate at a time that is convenient for them!You had mentioned you want to send a link to members - you can do this in ClassMarker by assigning your questionnaire to a link, in which you can then embed this directly into a page on your website or email them the link.You can check out ClassMarker’s video demo here:Online Testing Video Demonstrations
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