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What can I do to motivate myself to work out?
The bottom line is that if you want to do it, you will find a way. More informative version:Step 1: You have to get yourself back in there. Just start by putting one foot in front of the other. Simple, but effective. I'm sure you know from your previous experience that the first step is always the hardest. That's why it's so important to stay on the wagon once you're there. It will get easier once you start reprogramming your behavior and have momentum on your side. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to get that momentum, just your actions. Step 2: Set some goals for yourself (and I don't just mean fat-loss or muscle gain). Do you want wicked biceps? Do you want to complete an adventure run? Or to be able to rock some one-armed push-ups? Setting goals helps keep things interesting. I'm constantly changing my program and setting new goals. I used to be obsessed with one-arm push ups and looked forward to hitting them a few times per week during different training sessions. I got up to about 10 reps per arm and was very proud of myself. It feels AMAZING to achieve goals. In a life where there are so many things out of your control, working out is something you have quite a bit of control over. It's a gratification like no other.Working on my one-armed push-ups.So glad I worked on them so much! Busted some out during a photoshoot and it just so happens that they made the cover. Unbelievable feeling. When I started weight training, I just wanted to get healthier (both mind and body). I was striving for balance in life and never imagined it would have led me here.Step 3: Find the fun in fitness. I recently wrote an article for TRAIN for HER magazine about finding the fun in fitness. Evidence from studies in psychology and sports psychology suggest there is a direct positive correlation between intrinsic motivation and fun. This means the more you enjoy a task the more you will persist during the task and be willing to participate in the future. Of course, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news! However, it’s worth exploring variables within fitness such as friendship, social support, competition, and curiosity since these can result in increased enjoyment and have been linked to long-term success of fitness programs. Aligning yourself with like-minded individuals who have similar goals can lead to a more enjoyable and positive fitness experience. Additionally, it will likely aid in the growth of your support system. Not sure how to make fitness friends? Try attending a new class or fitness event. Many cities offer local weekly bootcamps that are a great way to meet other people in the fitness community.A little friendly competition goes a long way. There are a whole host of new fitness events popping up all over the world that cater to varying levels of fitness. With the proliferation of obstacle races, adventure runs, mud runs, and bodybuilding contests, a little friendly competition isn’t far out of reach. These types of events pra solid platform for you to have some fun and challenge yourself in the process. An added benefit to signing up for events such as these is the opportunity to bond with others, yet again extending your support system. If you’re looking for high intensity, check out a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. If you’re just looking to get your feet wet and not really into the obstacle course scene, there are plenty of 5k runs out there. If music is your thing, there are runs such as The Music Run (USA) and Sure Run To The Beat (UK) that showcases live music at different stops throughout the run. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can also ignite your inner child. Research studies in psychology suggest definite links between curiosity, exploration, and play. As adults, more often than not, we are interested in the ends as opposed to the means. Our emphasis on ends takes the play out of focus and consequently the fun. Embracing your inquisitiveness and exploring your curiosity without fear of consequence can be the perfect way to bring the fun back while keeping you active and introducing your mind and body to new stimuli. I'd never done cleans or overhead squats until very recently. I love the new challenge. There is a lady here in Austin, TX who is the first and only woman ever to attain USA Weightlifting's highest coaching level. She is nicknamed the Queen of Olympic Weightlifting. I would LOVE to work with her to explore my curiosity and learn, learn, learn. It's outside of my wheelhouse as a professional bodybuilder but I'd love to give it a shot and see what happens. If I fail, no biggie.  I hope some of this helps at least a little. Keep up posted on your progress!__________________________________________________________IG   ||   Website   ||   Periscope   ||
Which industries and jobs will self-driving cars and trucks disrupt in a positive fashion, a negative fashion or just entirely destroy?
Self-driving cars are likely to bring about huge societal and economic changes, including second-order effects that nobody today anticipates.A few of my guesses:The car industry will pretty much collapse - Car ownership is insanely inefficient. Not only do you own a car that is sitting unused most of the time, but that car is vastly over-provisioned for what it is normally used for. The shift to shared self-driving cars will mean we will need a lot less cars, and that each car will be much cheaper to make, since it only needs to have the size/battery/motor needed for the specific trip.The end of oil - 70% of U.S. oil consumption is for vehicles. Shared self-driving cars make it practical for a lot more of that to be electric, because a small-range battery vehicle is fine for most trips. Expect huge geopolitical impacts as the importance of the middle east declines.The end of cooking at home - It's insanely inefficient to have millions of people cooking tiny meals in their own kitchen. Self-driving cars will make food delivery services like Munchery as cheap as cooking at home, and cause massive acceleration in their growth. Expect future houses to be built without kitchens.The end of retail stores - Online shopping is already huge but self-driving cars will put the nail in the coffin of retail stores by allowing crazy-fast delivery, and the possibility for a car to come along with a selection of items that you can pick between. Expect future downtowns to consist only of social spaces like restaurants.The end of parking spaces - A huge about of high-value land is taken up by parking. Expect that to all disappear, and for cities to become vastly nicer.A housing crash - The high price of housing in cities like San Francisco, New York, and London is caused by the scarcity of housing within a non-painful commute of good jobs. Anything that makes it easier to get around and do productive work while travelling is going to reduce the scarcity value of houses that are currently close to employment centers.Re-invent childhood - Young kids will no longer need to rely on their parents to get them around. This is likely to lead to a generation of kids who grow up more independently than current children, with knock-on effects for how they act as adults.Potential increase in long-distance rail usage - It's possible that initial self-driving cars will be optimized for short-distance low-speed driving, and defer to high-speed rail (or hyperloops) for the long-distance part of a journey. The presence of an effective feeder system has the potential to make high-speed rail vastly more important.Further decline in "ownership culture" - A car is one of the most significant things that one owns. Expect cultural impacts from more and more people not owning a car, and thus people thinking less about "having possessions" as being a thing.Unexpected social impacts from mobility - Any time it becomes easier for people to move around, it has social impacts. I'm sure there is a ton of other important stuff. This is just off the top of my head.
How can I proceed to the Supreme Court after 9 years for filling out a petition?
I consider the 9 years as a judgement or order by the lower court.According to the Supreme Court Rules, 1966A petition need to be filed within 30 days from the date of the order or judgement.So,No. You can't file a petition after 9 years.
Self-Improvement: How can I motivate myself to work hard?
Six years ago I was so depressed I thought I would kill myself. I had nothing going on in my life. And the girl I was dating kept calling me "crazy", would break up with me every day, and refuse to introduce me to her friends. I had three failed businesses that year and the year before. And I was going to go broke with two kids to support. This past year, one of my investments sold for 4000% of my initial investment. A business I started went from $0 in revenues to $12,000,000 in eight months. I published two books and wrote 100s of articles and do 12 podcasts a week. But I don't work hard. I'm about to go get a sandwich. I slept late today. I don't say this because it's so great. I'd like to be a little more effective in my work. It's a practice and not a formula. Every day I practice. Here's what I do. If you don't like it, that's fine. I think each person has to find what works for them. I used to not do these things. And when I didn't do these things, nothing would happen. Life doesn't stand still: it either gets worse or better. Eventually it gets a lot worse. We die. That's the only real truth. But in the meantime, here's what I try to do to be successful and work harder. - NOTHINGI don't read the News. I used to work for the news. I know what happens there. The more you read news, the less informed you are, the more time you just wasted.  Since I stopped reading news, I read more books. i get more info. I feel more alive. I get less scared. I also don't talk to people who want to gossip. Gossip never made anyone a success. And I don't say "yes" to things I don't want to do. Else I resent the person who asked me, I hate myself for saying yes, and I'm bad at whatever it is I said "yes" to. So, in order to work harder, I try to find as much NOTHING in my life as possible. - EAT WELLIt's a simple diet but I try to follow it. No snacks. No eating after 6pm (so my liver isn't on overdrive when I am trying to sleep). Plates at 10 inches. (Studies show when you reduce plate size from 15 inches to 10 inches, you eat 30% less calories). Note! If your plate size is 8.5 inches, you eat more - your body is not stupid. It knows you are tricking it. And that's it. The Plate Diet. Or the - not after 6pm Diet- MOVE A little exercise every day is known to have just as much effect on your mood as a full dosage of anti-depressants. - SLEEPIn the morning, you have energy. At the end of the day, you don't. Which is why you need sleep. The average person needs eight hours of sleep. For instance, they took some famous orchestra and determined that the professional violinists in the orchestra were sleeping 8.6 hours a day. Don't think that less sleep makes you more productive. Whenever I get only six hours of sleep, I know the day is going to be useless. Preparation is how you win the game, and lack of sleep means you didn't prepare well. - GRATITUDEWorry never solves tomorrow's problems, and only takes energy away from today. Worry and Gratitude can't exist in the mind at the same time. Regret and Gratitude can't exist in the mind at the same time. Anger and Gratitude can't exist in the mind at the same time. Whenever I notice these things happening in my head, I try to replace with gratitude. Now I can continue my day - LAUGHTERThe average child laughs 300 times a day. The average adult...five. Dr. Norman Cousins did a series of studies on the benefits of laughter. It improves health, cures disease, improves productivity, and of course, makes you happier. So I try to watch standup comedy when I'm low. Or thing of funny things. Laughter heals the soul. - SURRENDERToo often I would try to control things that were outside of my control. For instance, when a boss is yelling at me, it's his problem. I can't control him. So that's when I try to find a better job rather than put up with abuse. The same in relationships. One of the most important decisions you can make in life is who you spend your time with. It's like falling into an sea of hands and hoping they catch you. When you surround your self with good people, you can surrender that they will catch you. When you are creative, you can surrender to the fact that your ideas will always catch you.When you sleep well and are grateful, you can surrender to the fact that your good health and spiritual attitude, will guide you through the difficult moments. Whenever I'm scared, I surrender. I do my best. I'm honest. I know good things will happen. IDEASI write down ten ideas every day. The Idea Muscle always needs to be exercised. It atrophies after about two weeks of no use. like any other muscle. People think that ideas are nothing and execution is everything. Execution is just a subset of ideas. You still have to have the ideas in order to execute. And the only way to have good ideas is to exercise the idea muscle. Every day. The result: your life will look completely different in six months. You will be an idea machine. You can be stuck on a highway in the desert with no gas and you will have 100 ideas to save you in no time. The idea machine is magic. FRIENDSThe people in your life are like a bonsai tree. It's always growing. And every day you prune the bad branches and keep the good branches. Do that every day and you get more productive. Every entrepreneurial movement, every artistic movement, every leap in science, was done by a group of people. There are no lone geniuses. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had the HomeBrew Club. Jack Kerouac had the BeatsAndy Warhol had his community of Pop artists. Even Larry Page had the thriving entrepreneurial cultures of both Stanford and Silicon Valley and all the search engines before him that he was able to stand on the shoulders of. You can't be productive without shoulders to stand on. MESSAGE OVER MONEYI think people are scared. I know this. I am often scared. We live in a hard world. It's a sentence of frightening nightmare punctuated by periods of intense joy. The message I like to convey is that these ideas help you not only be more productive, but more creative...happier. At least for me, this has worked and transformed me from someone crying on the ground in a pool of vomit, to someone who wakes up and (some of the time) feels the full beauty of the day. I do the above. I surrender to it. And hope for the best.Read More:The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur
How do I apply for Canada work permit?
Canada Work Permit:A work permit for Canada is given to an individual who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, yet wishes to work here. It is a mandatory work permit, irrespective of whether the employer lives in Canada or not. The validity is only for specific time duration and for a specified job only. This means that a single work permit is applicable only for the intended work. If you want to switch jobs, you need to apply for a new permit again.Canada Work Permit Process:This is a two-fold process. In the first level, a Canadian employer must receive an approval from the Canadian government to hire foreign workers. At the second stage, on being granted permission, the designated employees should apply for receiving a work permit.Canada Work Permit Requirements:At the time of applying for the Canada work permit, you need to meet certain requirements in order to get the work permit for Canada. These are:-Your intention of leaving the country after the lapse of the work permitShould be self-sufficient enough to support yourself and your family during your stay hereShould not be having a criminal backgroundMust meet the health requirementsCanada Work Permit ApplicationThis work permit application requires verification from the Canadian labor market. This is known as the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). On getting a positive LMO, an individual can apply for a work permit. However, there are some categories which do not require this approval like NAFTA and Post-Graduate Work Permits as well as Intra-Company Transfers.Canada Work Permit VisaWork Permit for Canada from IndiaCanada work visa Archives | More Visas
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