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I-360 card was mailed to me Form: What You Should Know

Do I have to file an I-360 to adjust status on a visa to another country's visa (or citizenship)? I am trying to obtain a green card. I have a valid work visa issued from my US employer. A friend and I applied for a visa in Canada, a total of 3 applications. We are not using one of the 'green card' options, which require a separate application after your I-470 process. My question is, is I-460 an option, or should I file an I-360 just in case? Thanks. Mar 29, 2024 — I filed an I-470 for a fiancé visa. Can you see a discrepancy between the status of your form? Form I-370 was submitted in 2016 Question 1 : The I-360 was mailed to me. How was I classified as a student? Am I eligible for a graduate degree? Mar 29, 2024 — I filed an I-470 for a fiancé visa. Do I have to file an I-360 to adjust status on a visa to another country's visa (or citizenship)? As an adult or college-age student : Yes, you must file an I-360. As a dependent on the visa of a US citizen : Yes, you must file an I-360. Mar 29, 2024 — I filed an I-390 and the I-360 was issued in my name. My husband was in the US for the duration of the I-390 application and did not become a US permanent resident prior to filing the I-360. After filing the I-360 my spouse was approved for an I-485. Is that a legal distinction that will prevent me from filing a separate I-465 after this case? Mar 29, 2024 — I filed an I-330/I-350 and the I-360 was issued in my name. My fiancé filed Form I-130. Is there a difference between those 2? Question 1: No difference between a new I-360 and I-470 Mar 29, 2024 — I filed an I-470 and I-330 was issued. Am I considered married? I filed a new I-360 with my husband as dependent on his job and approved for an I-485. He filed Form I-260 which is a petition for adjustment of status of a nonimmigrant to a permanent resident. I received his I-460.

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Instructions and Help about I-360 card was mailed to me

Good afternoon. We'll jump right in. Okay, my wife and I got married four years ago. We were friends for a year before that. Then we moved to the US. Recently, there have been some issues with immigration. I am Jamaican and my wife is a US citizen. Lately, things have gotten out of control, and I don't know what happened. I received a call from my kids telling me to leave. I got approved for a green card two months ago, and now I'm worried they might take it away. But my lawyer assured me that they can't. Even if life gets difficult, I shouldn't let it affect my sanity. My wife and I have the option to leave if things become unbearable. We both have green cards, which allow us to live and work in the US. We should focus on making the best of our lives here instead of stressing over immigration issues. I want to mention that I had an H1B visa in 2008, but the company I worked for closed. Then in 2013, I had an encounter with ICE, but I was bailed out with $5,000. In 2016, I got married and my wife filed some paperwork for me. However, it seems that she cheated on me and the 485 application got closed. I then filed a form called the I-360 in October 2017, but it is still pending. My next court date is in two months, and I'm hoping for a positive outcome. If not, my lawyer suggested applying for cancellation of removal for an abused spouse. This would prove that I have been in the US for at least three years prior to being put in removal proceedings and that I am a victim of abuse. Either way, I am confident that I...